Sunday, July 03, 2011

Are Drake and Rihanna dating?

Are Drake and Rihanna dating? (TMZ)
Are Drake and Rihanna dating? The Drake and Rihanna dating rumors keep circulating, and now this picture taken at a nightclub on June 12 has everyone buzzing about their possible relationship. Someone even allegedly saw them kissing! Now, if this did actually happen, then there's no doubt that they have no problem in showing what they feel about each other in public even if they're just trying to keep the media away by denying the rumors. It's quite ironic but what I'm thinking is that at this point Rihanna and Drake don't even know if it's going to work out  so that's why they're trying to do their best in not making anything official yet. However, check this out: Some sources online are revealing some additional and very interesting information. They say that Drake made a statement after that photo was taken indicating that Rihanna and Drake dating was just a method for Rihanna to use Drake as a pawn. Apparently Rihanna has tweeted about Drake and Rihanna not dating anymore after his denial. This is a little bit confusing! What's your say?


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